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Castleton Crackers

As an artist and baker, I am fascinated by the origins of many of the foods we eat today which led me to look “outside the box.” In the early 1800’s Josiah Bent from Massachusetts decided to make a lighter and thinner version of Hardtack, a soldiers and seafarers staple. Bent rolled out sheets of dough, baked and hand “cracked” them. I have been rolling out crackers this original way in my Castleton Vermont kitchen for family and friends for years.

Whitney at the SOFI Awards with Chef Dominique Ansel

Castleton Crackers use all-natural ingredients. We mix, roll, bake them and then crack them by hand creating beautiful rustic looking crackers.

“The folks in Castleton, VT...
have nailed the texture perfectly: sturdy enough for spreading and dipping, but flaky enough for nibbling like potato chips.”
—Florence Fabricant, The New York Times, February 16, 2011